Nou edifici Cooperativa

L'accés principal, on trobem la recepció per a tot l'edifici, es situa a peu pla amb la Rambla Riera i Penya, un dels eixos principals d'Arenys de Munt. En aquesta planta es [...]


Treballar amb materials nobles com la fusta de roure natural per qualificar els espais, tamitzant la llum natural i tenyint-la amb tons neutres que aportin harmonia i sobrietat.

Pharmaceutical company headquarters

The building is divided in two separate levels: a superior level with the laboratories, offices and public access, and a lower level with the production plant and the loading deck.

Youth Centre

One building with two differentiated functions and spaces: a place to advise and teach, and a space for concerts and rehearsals. In front of inhospitable surroundings and [...]


We propose rethinking the closed kitchen. We have joined the space of the old kitchen with the room beside it to create a new room that, in addition to preparing food, can [...]

Infantile school and kindergarten

The building is thought from the beginning to be built in two independent phases, separating the uses of kindergarten and infantile school. We proposed a compact building that [...]


La propuesta plantea aprovechar la oportunidad de la intervención para consolidar parte de la trama urbana entre el Paseo de la Ribera y las calles Rosa María Moles, Paseo de [...]

Music & Dance Institute

Project for the new music school of Ciutadella (Menorca), born from the will to integrate the building with the existing urban fabric of Ciutadella, taking advantage of the [...]


Integral refurbishment of an old existing building done by voiding parts of the construction so that natural light can reach all of its parts. The request by the client was to [...]


Basada únicament en la geometría del triangle equilàter, la gelosia Aina va sorgir de la necessitat de conferir protecció solar als espais més exposats del projecte del centre [...]

Remodelling of Riera La Salut

The intervention takes place in the middle of one of the densest neighbourhoods in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, near Barcelona. A working-class neighbourhood, grown around the old [...]

5HH Villa

The project is part of a group of ten villas thought to accommodate business men during their stay on the island. The distribution is designed to embrace different [...]


The main idea of the proposal is to organize the building embracing a public space protected from the prevailing wind in the area, the Mestral, and to get this space to [...]


L'oportunitat de dissenyar un fanal des de zero permet aprofundir en l'estudi de certes inquietuds que ens han acompanyat al llarg de molts projectes, de com la llum afecta la [...]

Casa XS

The house is defined by its geometry that strictly delimits the constructed object with respect to its surroundings, a pleasant topography embracing two gigantic oaks that [...]

Side Bench

Lineal urban element design that works as a bench, a urban light or a contention wall. Designed originally for the project of La Salut, seeks transforming a traditional road [...]


Placed completely into the wild and facing the Bali Sea, we accepted the challenge to design a villa that would integrate into its surroundings and would have the minimum [...]


La propuesta se basa mucho más en los escombros, en los vaciados, que en los espacios que llenamos. El proyecto se estructura en la apertura de dos patios cubiertos que [...]

Edifici Nord

Consolidating a key urban intervention, the building solves the geometry of the new entry at the Hospital de Granollers. The building of 32 dwellings faces the park and opens [...]

SF Ceramics

Design of a ceramic lattice based on the geometry of the square and the rhombus. Thought originally to cover the old walls of the project in La Salut the lattice work embodies [...]


Adapting an existing building to new needs that new times require, rethinking the relationship among its parts and questioning the needs for certain areas that have been [...]


Proposal for the new Calaf library configured from a modular laminated wood system based on the geometry of the arch.


The object of the competition was to locate Alella’s old social centre, Casal of Alella, in a new building that would also accommodate a theater and the ballet academy. The [...]


Placed in the middle of the tropical jungle and surrounded by astonishing vegetation, the villa is designed from the respect to its surroundings and the will to cause the [...]

Edifici Relats

The project consolidates one of the few unbuilt lots in the center of Granollers and integrates the urban intervention upon Casa Relats and its surroundings. The building [...]