The project for the new music school was born from the will to integrate the building with the existing urban fabric of Ciutadella, taking advantage of the pedestrian alley that crossed the site and making it part of the program. The proposal is based on a school seen as a culture generator, not as a simple container but as a building that shares its creative process, not enclosed in itself but open to the city. Its public function translates into an expansive implantation of the program along the site with low-rise buildings, so that light and ventilation conditions get optimized for all the classrooms, while spaces that need more isolation are placed underground below the city level.

Ciutadella will feature a musical alley that will enjoy the activity of the school and, at the same time, the school will participate of the city by integrating itself with a public space full of cultural creativity.

Ciutadella (Menorca)


1506 m2

Pol Femenias

Quantity Surveyor:
Josep Maria Fosalba

Carles Edo

Ciutadella CityHall