Based upon the geometry of the equilateral triangle, the Aina latticework arose from the need to confer solar protection in the most exposed spaces of the Alella’s cultural center project and, at the same time, to be able to integrate its openings to its urban context. The system is based on two pieces, a perforated one and an opaque one, the latter less thick enabling coating on the back.

The latticework sought to integrate the large volume of the building into a smaller scale environment, working with the grout of the same color as the piece to confer the image of a perforated wall. The combination of bright and matt finish confers vibration to the lattice and offers different reflections during the day.

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Competition 1st Prize (2015)
Project: 2016
Construction: 2017-2019

Pol Femenias (FEM)

Ceràmica Cumella

Ajuntament d’Alella


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