Placed in the middle of the tropical jungle and surrounded by astonishing vegetation, the villa is designed from the respect to its surroundings and the will to cause the minimum impact on the existing trees. The project understands that there is not a predominant orientation and that the richness of the place lies in its closest surroundings, in all the species that enclose the site. With that in mind, the house grows following a fractal strategy based on an established module and fixed guidelines that enabled us to place each part of the villa without damaging the plant life.

Seeking to cut as few trees as possible, the bigger common parts of the villa were placed in a clearing found in the site, from which all the individual suites would grow. Following the fractal guidelines, each suite lies immersed in nature, seeking for the more suitable places not to ruin the place.

Bali (Indonesia)



Pol Femenías

Quantity Surveyor:
Josep Maria Fosalba