The opportunity to design a street lamp from scratch allows a deeper study of certain interests that have been following us along most of our projects, such as how light affects the perception of space or even how light can build this space. With that idea in mind we imagined a very simple lamp, really pure in forms, that would be able to build an illusion of volume, a recreation of certain degree of limit. Opposed to other lamps that focus on a more punctual sense of lighting, a one dimension perception of light, we were interested in the force of the edge as a tool to delimiter a third dimension in space. As a result, the lamp is reduced to two planes of light, one vertical and one horizontal, that join forming a corner, regarding in a way the idea we all have of the roof meeting the wall and defining a room. The assembly of a number of lamps in different positions enables the viewer to perceive them as a whole and to be sensed as a unique urban intervention. The rest of elements that compose the lamp intend not to disturb from the light effect by night and, during the day, draw in the sky the structures that hold the light.

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