Lineal urban element design that works as a bench, a urban light or a contention wall. Designed originally for the project of La Salut, seeks transforming a traditional road element into a urban design that gives the users of the park a sensation of safety from the vehicles of the road. The intention was to emphasize with a lineal wall the new road and, at the same time, achieve some level of personalization that would make it more pleasant for the user.
The Side Bench solves the containment of the new topography of the park and works as the back of a lineal bench that goes along the road. In the interior it hides a continuous LED light towards the road that can be seen from the park side thanks to small holes drilled on the back of the bench.


Pol Femenías

Quantity surveyor:
Josep Maria Fosalba

Lamín Bojang

Produced by:
Iluminación Roura

©OM 3studi/PFA